I’m Manu,

a Spanish- Dutchie based in Barcelona!

You see me smiling most when I'm active and outdoors. Add some fun-loving people and my heart jumps of excitement! 

That's what I love about teaching at BodyWorxHub!
Our workouts aren't rigid and boring.

Our philosophy is 'burpee & smile' 😃 !

I have a big passion for kickboxing and other functional training disciplines since I was a teenager. This lead me to create our 'KICK, BOX & SWEAT' class at BodyWorxHub.

Are you ready to get your groove on and kick it with me? Check out our schedule! 

love, Manu!

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I am Diana, originally from Bulgaria.
I have been living abroad for almost 20 years, studying and working in Germany, the Netherlands and now happily settled in my dream-city, Barcelona. 


What I love most about being a fitness trainer at BodyWorxHub is the exchange of positive energy and the contribution I can make to other people's lives. 

I always put my heart in the creation of my classes, and I encourage people to forget their worries and just have fun. 

Come and train with me at our 'WAKE UP HiiT' classes at sunrise or burn those calories with me at our my 'Tabata' class. 🚀

Check out our schedule! 

love, Diana!


I’m Julia,

and I get most excited when I see people fall in love with sports.


I found my way to working out through dance and spinning in my teenage years.

This is where I realized how sports can give you the physical and mental strength to achieve your life's goals. Since then leading group workouts became a substantial part of my life. I taught Pilates in Germany and Spinning, Zumba and Fitness classes in the Netherlands.

And you know what I learned over all these years?


Sports above all should be a source of unconditional joy!

Today I focus on bringing this joy to our  HiiT, Booty + Abs, and Flow Yoga sessions.

Come on over and start feeling the BodyWorxVibe 😊

love, Julia!


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