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This is more than burning calories!  No matter if you're tackling your first push-ups or you burpee like a pro! Our sessions are for everyone who wants to build a healthy lifestyle with a big fat smile on their face! 




Get ready for an all round fat burner and strength gainer! It’s a blend of high intensity interval training and functional strength exercises. The class where we squat like it’s hot and plank like there is no tomorrow!


Level: All levels (different exercise levels will be given)


What to bring: Mat, Towel & Water


Location: Placa del Mar

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This class is all about Booty, Booty, Booty! A wild mix of strength exercises that target your derrière from every angle, paired with heart-pounding cardio moves that will make you feel the burn and love every minute of it! This class isn’t just a workout; it’s a booty-shaping spectacle that will stay with you for days!


Level: You decide how long you squat


What to bring: Mat, Towel, Water & Booty bands!

Don’t have them? We got you covered! Get your colorful BodyWorx Booty bands, just write us a message!


Location: Placa del Mar



Let’s turn up the heat and burn insane calories in the most entertaining way possible! Join us for a dance party and shake it to Reggaeton, Merengue and Salsa - a class that’s not only effective but also has you smile from ear to ear!


Our coach Celeste will make you dance like nobody’s watching!


Level: All levels, you don’t need any dancing experience


What to bring: Towel & Water

Location: Placa del Mar

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The ultimate 360 confidence boost waits for you! Immerse yourself in a dynamic fusion of full-body kettlebell strength exercises, igniting every muscle and sculpting your physique. Combined with short bursts of running, which will help you kick the calories!


Level: Intermediate (we recommend that you have joined our HiiT Training before)


What to bring: Mat, Towel & Water


Location: Meeting point is in front of the new studio, C/Fusina 11 to get the weights. The group will then walk to Parc Ciutadella where the class takes place.

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Introducing our exclusive class, a special invention of our founder, Julia. This isn't your typical Pilates routine; it's a "killing you softly" mix of dynamic movements that sculpt your body from head to toe, has your sweat dripping while targeting your inner strength from the core.


Brace yourself for 45 minutes in which you will feel the burn in all the right places—your booty, legs, abs and arms!

Wondering how we achieve this magic? Here's the formula:

  • Upbeat Music: Move in sync with the energizing beats like you're in a club.

  • No Breaks Series: Say goodbye to tedious pauses, as we keep the momentum going for a workout that never loses steam.

  • Full-Body Compound Movements: We're talking about powerhouse exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, giving you an all round workout like no other.


Level: All levels


What to bring: Mat, Towel & Water


Location: Until our new studio is ready, the class will be given at Stephy’s (C/Wellington 88).

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IMG_8045 (1).HEIC


Introducing our latest calorie-burning session, the "In&Out Body Boost" class - a unique creation by our founder, Julia. Experience a relentless 30-minute full-body resistance workout that sculpts you from head to toe and leaves you drenched in sweat.

Get ready for half an hour of intense exercise targeting key areas like your booty, legs, abs, and arms!

Curious about the secret behind the magic? Here's the recipe:

  • Energetic Tunes: Move to the rhythm of invigorating beats as if you're partying in a club. 

  • No-Break Sequences: Maintain a continuous flow for a workout that never loses its intensity. 

  • Full-Body Compound Movements: Engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously with powerhouse exercises, complemented by cardio bursts to torch those calories. 

Level: Suitable for all fitness levels.

What to bring: Mat, Towel, Water, and a dash of WILLPOWER!

Location: While our new studio is under construction, the class will be at Stephy’s (C/Wellington 88).


HiiT online (1).jpg

Clubhouse Burn - 45 MIN

This class is a blend of high-intensity interval training and toning exercises with dumbbells to the beats of oldschool hip hop & R'n'B.

It feels like a party and shapes up your body! Don't believe us? Try it!

Material needed: Dumbbells, water bottles or bands

Level: All levels (different exercise levels will be given)

Abs & Gluteus crusher.jpg

ABS & Booty Camp -30 MIN

Fire up your booty & legs :)
This class is a toning boost for Abs, Gluteus, and Legs. We specifically focus on working the quadriceps, adductors, abductors, and gluteus muscles to gain strength and tone.

Levels: All levels

What you need: Ankle weights or resistance bands

Yoga online.jpg


This class is a mix of easy dynamic Yoga movements to warm up the body, followed by deep stretching exercises which work on increasing flexibility of the hip and hamstrings. It also improves the range of motion, posture and helps to prevent posture imbalances and stiffness!

Levels: All levels

What you need: Yogamat

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